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Profit | Hot & Cold Water Plumbing

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Materials technology has evolved at an astounding rate impacting positively on virtually all aspects of our daily life. Few sectors have remained unaffected as progressive manufacturers introduce products that leverage the advantages available in material technology. The Marley Pro-Fit system is such a product, a polymer based hot and cold water supply system offering contractors a complete solution suitable for residential and commercial installations. The system enjoys JASWIC approval and has been tested and rated in accordance with ISO 10508 for hot & cold water supply systems.

Converting to a new system often raises concerns, in particular the initial costs incurred and the required training. Pro-Fit hot and cold technology is not expensive, requires minimal training and offers many advantages.


  • Ease of Installation

    Contractors enjoy the ease with which typical installations may be undertaken and the increased productivity. Joints are easily established without the use of highly skilled artisans. A typical residential hot and cold water pipe installation may be completed in as little as half the time required using traditional installation methods.

  • Pro-Fit makes financial sense

    Contractors deploying Pro-Fit are able to reduce their material bill, raise the level of productivity and increase their turnover.

  • No Corrosion & No Scale Build-up

  • Quieter Plumbing

    Research shows that the public demands quieter plumbing. Pro-Fit is able to achieve reduced noise levels without over capitalising.

  • Healthier Water

    PE (Polyethylene) has been widely used for the safe transport of potable water for more than 35 years with no harmful leaching of elements into the supply line.

  • No Scrap Value

    Conductor and copper theft is of grave concern for many contractors during installation. Polymers have no scrap value and reverting to such systems will resolve the issue of theft.

  • Advanced Materials

    Pro-Fit piping is manufactured from the highest grade PE-RT (Polyethylene with Raised Temperature resistance) at the Marley Port Shepstone plant in compliance with ISO9001. The material is tough, puncture and tear resistant and able to withstand the pressure and temperature rigours encountered within hot and cold water supply systems.


More Information

Download the Marley Hot & Cold Water Plumbing PDF(1.6MB) to your machine (Includes Latco Pressure Control Valves).

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