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Pipes and Rainwater Systems (Marley)


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Petroplas is a leading fuel transfer solution from Marley Pipe Systems, developed in close collaboration with leaders in the petroleum industry.


Magnum Tap-in Saddles and Holderbats

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The Magnum range of polypropylene saddles may be used to easily create a female threaded tap-in on both PVC and HDPE pressure pipe.

Magnum Saddles are engineered for use above or below ground for the transfer of fluids; including water, chemicals or slurries; frequently encountered in the civil engineering and mining or irrigation industries.

Magnum Polypropylene Holderbats

Magnum holderbats may be used to anchor suspended pipe systems. These fittings are identical to the saddles, but instead of having a threaded off-take portion, this section has a 12mm hole through which a support bolt can be passed. The stainless steel reinforcement has also been removed.

Tap-in Saddle and Holderbat Features

  • PN 16 (Blue) pressure ratings.
  • Nitrile sealing gasket for excellent sealing performance and chemical resistance.
  • Suitable for contact with potable water.
  • High grade polypropylene body selected for its tough, high impact, lightweight and durable properties.
  • Stainless steel reinforcing rings on threaded branch.
  • Bolt clips to facilitate easy assembly.
  • Hexagon moulding to prevent bolt turning during assembly.
  • Supplied with Zinc electroplated steel bolts and nuts (Stainless Steel available on request).


Specifications: Tap-in Saddle and Holderbat

Download the Magnum Polypropylene Tap-in Saddles & Holderbat Specification PDF (490KB) to your machine.

Flanges, Tak– & Victualic Fittings

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Flanges, Tak– and Victualic fittings are used with stubs to establish detachable joints in HDPE pressure pipe systems.

Flange Specifications – SANS 1123:2007, Table D & E of BS10 and ASA150

Download the Marley Flange Specification PDF (370KB) to your machine.

Tak– & Victualic Fittings

Download the Marley Tak and Victualic Fitting Specification PDF (395KB) to your machine.

HDPE Fabricated Fittings

  • PDF

Marley supply a comprehensive range of HDPE fabricated fittings for pressure applications from stock or made to your specification.

HDPE Fabrications

Download the Marley HDPE Fabricated Fittings PDF (550KB) to your machine.

Compression Fittings

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Marley supply a comprehensive range of compression fittings for HDPE pipe from the Marley and Philmac ranges.

Marley Compression Fittings

The range of Marley compression fittings comprises a large number of items that meet the needs of a wide variety of applications. The sizes range from 16mm to 110mm. All fittings with a female threaded portion of 32mm or greater are re-enforced externally with a stainless steel ring.

The fittings are made in compliance with the requirements of a number of international standards and also carry the SABS mark of approval. (SANS 14236:2003)

The pressure rating of the fittings, at 20°C is as follows:

  • Sizes from 16mm to 63mm (Blue coloured nut): 16 Bar
  • Sizes from 75mm to 110mm (Black coloured nut): 10 Bar

Download the Marley Compression Fittings PDF (630KB) to your machine.

Philmac Compression Fittings

Philmac is renowned for quality products and services. Their compression fittings comply with the requirements of a number of Australian specifications and, in South Africa, have a Certificate of Acceptance from JASWIC.

The Philmac range of compression and transition fittings are available in sizes from 16 – 110mm and have a maximum operating pressure of 16 bar.

The Philmac fitting design uses the mechanical advantage of the nut thread to place the seal into a compressed position. This means no resistance when inserting the pipe into the fitting, thus eliminating damage or displacement to the seal during installation. Furthermore the fittings have no loose components which can be incorrectly assembled or lost.

Download the Philmac Compression Fittings PDF (650KB) to your machine.

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