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Roofing Products

Tile Profile

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An Allmet roof is a strong, .043 mm thick, 26 gauge metal armor that has been coated with Zincalume corrosion inhibitors, resin coating and other protective layers to provide a permanent roof product that will not crack, break or curl
Known as stone-coated steel roofing, Allmet applies a thick coating of ceramically-fired earth-stone to give a lasting beauty that resists the harmful effects of wind, rain, hail and snow.

Weight Reduction
At just 6.85kg/m3 (1.4 lbd./sq. ft,), Allmet roof panels are up to eight times lighter than clay or concrete tile, and four to five times lighter than “lightweight” concrete or fiber-cement products.

Structural Rigidity

The interlocking features of Allmet Tile actually improve the rigidity of a home in case of an earthquake, and also makes the roof incredibly wind resistant. Allmet backs this up with a 193 km/h Wind warranty.

HarveyThatch / Shaketile

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The impressionable charm, brought to life with curves that take expression to the limit of natural beauty. A truly unique and innovative product, this Stonecoated lightweight steel roof tile gives the End User/Specifier that natural thatch look but without the associated problems which thatch roofs typically give. The HarveyThatch® tile is finely fluted to allow the tile to conform to the shape of the roof itself.

Tile Specifications: Overall length: 1675 mm Cover length: 1625mm Overall width: 395 mm Cover width: 350 mm Gauge: 0.45 mm (steel) Mass per tile: 3.9 kg Mass per m²: 6.9 kg No. of tiles per m²: 1.76


Product Range Brochure

Installation Manual
Installation Guide
Thatch Brochure

Barrel Vault Profile

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Tradition Meets Technology
Allmet has taken stone-coated steel technology and formed it to emulate the look of Spanish Mission tile, providing all the aesthetic benefits without the fire hazard. Warranted for winds of up to 193 km/h, Allmets Barrel Vault profile is an excellent choice for residents and custom home builders looking to accomplish the look of true Spanish Mission style architecture.

Hail Resistant
Allmet Barrel Vault products have undergone the UL 2218 test standard and earned the industrys best rating: “Class 4 hail resistant covering”. Allmet roof panels are warrated to withstand hail up to 6.35 cm diameter (2.5”).

Energy Efficient
Allmet roof systems create an air space which helps to insulate the roof from extreme heat or cold. Additional insulators can be applied in this space for even greater energy savings.


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Elitetiles are available in 3 colour ranges:

  • Standard acrylic – Dark Blue, Black, Terracotta, Green and Burgundy;
  • Non-standard, special order – Light Blue, Red, Brick, Emerald, Bronze and Charcoal;
  • Stonecoat – Tigers Eye, Agate Black, Sunset Red, Jade Green and Pebble Brown

Tile Specifications: Overall length: 1675mm Cover: 1600mm Overall width: 397mm Cover: 369mm Mass per tile: 3,9kg Mass per sq. meter: 6,6kg Number of tiles per sq. meter: 1,69


Product Range Brochure

Installation Manual

Installation GuideThatch Brochure


Granite Ridge Profile

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Appearance, Quality, Performance and Value
Weighing less than half of wood shake shingles and one eighth of clay tile, Granite Ridge Architectural Shinges will ease the stress on your homes structure and reduce the chance of it caving in due to a natural disaster. The 0.043mm thick 26 gauge steel and coat finish makes our roofs hail resistant.

  • 6.35cm (2.5”) hailstone Warranty
  • 193 km/h Wind Warranty
  • Interlocking design prevents leaks and adds durability
  • Battens installation for lower installation costs
  • Lightweight at 54.55kg per 9.29 m2 (compare at 120.47 kg for heavyweight laminate roofs)
  • Won’t crack, curl, burn or split

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