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Waste traps (Easytrap)

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Agrement approved (Cert No. 96/241) Easy Traps have been in use since 1998. The range is known for its ease of use and functionality and includes:

  • Plain bath trap
  • “P” trap
  • “S” trap
  • Double sink combo
  • Mini trap



  • Easy to fit and economical

    Eastrap allows for a certain amount of flexibility where the outlet from the basin, bath or sink does not line up with the pipework. Simply slip the ends over the connection points and tighten the clamps. No solvent welding, no troublesome clips, no hassle and no wasted time.

    The Double Sink Combo unit is made so as to accommodate unusual distances between outlets. Simple cut the lateral section and extend with standard PVC waste pipe and the extra clips provided.

  • Performance and Aesthetics

    Easytraps are made from flexible white PVC and will provide many years of use under normal operating conditions.

  • Easy to clean

    Blockages which may occur in the trap are easily moved. The trap is made from flexible PVC and it can be compressed by hand to expel any debris blocking the flow.

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