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In our continual quest for the delivery of quality service, Kon-X Limited also provides roof carpentry services to ensure quality finishing in the installation of the selected tiles from our wide range of roofing products.

Roof carpentry personnel are hand picked from seasoned professionals and undergo periods of rigorous and continuous training in the installation techniques of our various roofing products.

We utilize only top quality timber for the roof carpentry services. The common types of hardwoods used in the construction of timber roof frames, are “Akun”, “Abora” and “Kokogbo” (in local parlance). These hardwoods are the best in these parts.

Aside from the protection achieved from kiln drying of all our timber, further protection against fungal and termite attack is provided.

Roof Frame Timber Members Specification.
Tie beam             2” x 6”  x 12ft         ( 50mm x 150mm  x 3600mm)
Wall Plate            3” x 4”  x 12ft         ( 75mm x 100mm  x 3600mm)
Rafter & Struts    2” x 4”  x 12ft         ( 50mm x 100mm  x 3600mm)
Purlin                   2” x 2”  x 12ft         ( 50mm x  50 mm  x 3600mm)
Fascia                 1” x 12” x 12ft        ( 25mm x  300 mm x 3600mm)

Purlin Spacing    13¾” (350mm)
Rafter Spacing    from 1m-1.2mtrs
Valley Spacing    18” (in to in)









Purlin Spacing    14½” (369mm)
Rafter Spacing    from 1m-1.2mtrs
Valley Spacing    18” (in to in)

(Thatch shake, Allmet)

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