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Electrofusion (Friatec)

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FRIALEN® Safety Fittings (by Friatec, an Aliaxis company) are equipped with integrated heating elements capable of melting within the confines of the fitting, the inner layer of the fitting and the outer layer of the pipe being electro fused. The molten materials combine to form a homogenous mixture that cools down to a permanent and impermeable bond. This bond has been proven to be more resilient than the pipe itself in all mechanical testing.

The technology is safe to use (low Voltage) and offers maximum joint integrity with full traceability.

  • The EF (electro fusion) joint is established without any open flame or spark and is totally emission free.
  • During the EF process, molten material is perfectly contained within the joint due to the deep insertion depth design and the incorporation of cold zones.
  • Insertion tabs ensure that pipe elements are inserted to the correct depth.
  • Fusion indicators on the fitting enable pressure monitoring of the molten polymer within the EF area.
  • Joints ranging from diameters of 20mm to 710mm may be undertaken using the same FRIAMAT® fusion welder.
  • The joint makes no intrusion into the pipeline inside surface, resulting in a low frictional loss joint.


FRIALEN® Safety Fittings

FRIALEN® Safety Fittings are available in a full complement matching pipe of diameter 20mm to diameter 710mm for large bore applications.

FRIALEN® Safety Fittings (by Friatec, an Aliaxis company) have been licensed for use with water, gas and industrial products and are subject to a rigorous quality management program (DIN EN ISO9001 accredited). Pipes of raw material types PE-LD, PE50, PE63, PE80, PE100 and PE-X within the melt-index groups 005 to 050 may be successfully fused at ambient temperatures ranging from -15°C to 50°C. The fittings may be electro-fused to pipe of SDR stages 17.6 to 7.4 in accordance with DIN (E), ISO 4437, pr EN1555 and DIN EN 12201 (E). The system also provides transition from polymer to metal in spigot stub, flanged or threaded (BSP or NPT) configurations.

Download the FRIALEN Safety Fittings PDF Catalogue (1.8MB) to your machine.

Electro fusion technique

Deep sockets and safe low voltage operation (48V) applied through dedicated FRIAMAT® ancillary equipment ensures maximum joint integrity. Each EF joint is carefully undertaken by trained personnel using a portable Friamat fusion unit weighing no more than 19 Kilograms.

Fusion indicators visually confirm joint melt pressure while absolute security of the weld is ensured using the fittings bar code feature in conjunction with the fully automatic FRIAMAT® Control Box Unit.

Download the FRIAMAT Equipment PDF Catalogue (700KB) to your machine.

Download the Marley HDPE Electro Fusion Principles PDF Catalogue (700KB) to your machine.

Fitting Bar Code

All FRIALEN® Safety Fittings have basic “at a glance” informational markings and a permanent solvent and smear resistant bar code label indicating fusion parameters, traceability and cooling time (CT). Matching numeric values for the bar codes have also been included on the label for emergency manual input.

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