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PE Drainage & Roof Syphonics (Akatherm)

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Akatherm PE drainage pipes have been used for more than 30 years in areas of application where the drainage system has to meet high standards of durability and reliability. These standards are met by combining the excellent material properties of PE with homogeneous welded joints.

The range covers an extensive package of pipes and fittings in diameters from 32 to 400 mm for the following applications, amongst others.


  • Waste water drainage

    Their high impact resistance, wide temperature range and outstanding chemical resistance make Akatherm PE drainage pipes extremely suitable for draining water in utilities constructions (e.g. in hospitals, hotels, school buildings, etc.). As well as pipes and fittings, the range for this area of application includes a selection of fittings for connecting sanitary units.

  • Siphonic roof drainage

    Pull tight jointing techniques combined with PE’s high impact resistance make Akatherm PE drainage pipes extremely suitable for the siphonic roof drainage. Siphonic roof drainage systems are used in buildings with large roof spans, such as warehouses, production facilities and hangars. For connecting on to roof outlets, the range includes pull tight plug-in joints (snap sockets) and threaded pieces.

  • Sewage

    Good flexibility, high impact resistance, a wide temperature range and excellent UV-resistance make Akatherm PE drainage pipes extremely suitable for use in non pressure sewage systems. Non pressure sewage systems are used especially as ground pipework for the drainage of waste water and rainwater, and also for rainwater drainage from roads and bridges. Dual containment drainage pipes are available as well as the standard single-wall PE drainage range. This Akatherm-Plus system, which can be equipped with leak detection equipment, offers the highest possible security for the drainage of highly-polluted waste water.


Properties & Benefits of PE

PE properties Benefits
Impact-resistant and tough Unbreakable at temperatures > 5 °C
Elastic Suitable for underground pipes through adjustment to local ground movement
Thermal resistant Application possible between -40ºC and 100ºC
Smooth internal wall Low blockage risk due to low deposit/residue effects
Wear resistant Lower costs due to relatively long life
Weather-resistant/UV resistant Application in open air unrestricted through colouring with carbon black
Chemical resistant Suitable for transport of polluted waste water
Insulating Non conductive
Non-toxic Environmental friendly
Poor heat conductivity No condensation during short periods of cooling
Highly suitable for welding Easy installation using butt welding and electrofusion techniques
Homogeneous welded joints Pull tight and leak proof
Prefabrication Fast and cost-saving installation
Light in weight Cost-saving in transport and handling


More Information

Download the complete Akatherm PE Drainage PDF(6MB) to your machine.

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