Alternative Power Solutions

Design, distribution and installation of alternative electrical power products and solutions from the available abundant natural resources to meet the increasing energy demands of the society.

Solar for residential

  • Grid tie inverters
  • Monitoring
  • Protections
  • Homaya home system

Solar off –grid solutions and back-ups

  • Inverter /chargers
  • Charge controllers
  • Monitoring

Solar lamps and solar street light

  • Mobiya
  • Solar Street Lights

Building Construction

  • Building Construction
  • Project Management
  • Budgeting and Procurement Planning
  • Project tracking, review and auditing
  • Logistics
  • Quality assurance

Electrical Products & Systems

Supply and installation of quality low and medium voltage electrical products for homes, offices, schools, hospitals, airports, places of worship and outdoor uses.

These products include:

  • Wiring devices and Accessories
  • Distribution Boards
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Panel Boards and Switch Boards
  • Contactors and Protection Relays
  • Controlling and Signalling Devices
  • Medium Voltage Range 

Smart Home Systems

Smart Home systems bring security, flexibility, energy efficiency and comfort to living spaces. Comfort, convenience and peace of mind are guaranteed when this solution is deployed.


  • Wiser smart home
  • C-Bus Home Automation
  • KNX Home Automation
  • Stand-alone Residential Temperature Control